Singing with Bel a cappella

  • To apply to sing with Bel a Cappella you must complete and submit the on-line form.
  • Bel will acknowledge your application. If you have provided satisfactory information your name will be added to our Waiting List.
  • We will contact you if we wish to consider you as a Casual Singer for an up-coming concert or musical event. You will be asked to attend an audition, which will take a form determined by the Musical Director. You will be advised of the outcome within 48 hours of completing your audition.
  • Casual Singers are appointed for a single musical activity. After that event, and depending on the needs of the choir, you may be invited to become a Member of Bel.
  • Alternatively you may be placed onto our Standby List, which is our list of successfully auditioned singers who may be considered again as a Casual Singer in the future.

Keep in touch

  • If you are on our Waiting or Standby List, please contact us if you change any contact details or if circumstances change and you no longer wish to remain on our List.
  • At least once each year we will email everyone on our Waiting and Standby Lists to confirm you wish to remain on our List. If we receive no response we will remove you from the List.

Membership Policies and Procedures

  • If you become a Member of Bel you must pay the annual Membership fee and meet the on-going Membership requirements which Bel publishes from time to time.
  • Members are expected to participate in at least two of the three concerts in Bel’s regular season. For each concert Members (and Casual Singers) are expected to miss no more than three rehearsals. A Singer who cannot meet these requirements may contact the Musical Director or President and ask for special consideration.
  • The Musical Director will determine the composition of the choir for each concert or other musical activity. The Musical Director may decide not to use all the available number of choristers for some items in a concert or musical activity.
  • The Musical Director, in consultation with the Committee, may decide to audition any Member or Members at any time.